Automate your Business for more Leads, more sales and more Time

The AI Business Revolution

Since the emergence of the World Wide Web - we have never seen a more powerful and revolutionary technology for business growth then AI

Our AI Android will generate sales for your business on Autopilot - Without you needing to spend more money on ads or hire and train salespeople

Unlike other sales tech out there - our Sales Android is built on millions of real customer sales interactions – and already speaks the language of your client if you are selling in one of the 21 industries our AI is operating.

Our AI has mastered the art of moving clients towards the sale in a friendly and non abrasive fashion

Automate for Human Connection

AI will replace human connection.

AI can and should facilitate meaningful conversations and create more opportunities for genuine human connection - making sure sales people only speak with qualified and interested prospects

Our AI is revolutionizing how business owners and salespeople approach their sales work.

AI identifies the best leads to engage, so you don't waste your valuable time talking to unqualified ones. A good AI Salesbot creates an great first interaction - builds trust for your business and service, which results in more successful sales conversations and with far fewer sales calls.

AI saves business owners and salespeople time from having to initiate seemingly endless mundane conversations with people who often are not interested and qualified.

Instead, they can spend their valuable time and energy on more important business tasks and conversations that will actually lead to a sale.

Automate & Integrate Your Business with the Most Powerful AI Tools

AI Technology for a Automated and Simplified Business

AI Sales Automation

AI Client Management

AI Social Media Management

AI Reputation Management

AI Sales Automation

Implement cutting edge AI technology to automate sales, customer support and content creation.

Gain an instant flow of new customers on autopilot while spending less time on sales.

Our AI takes the heavy lifting out of sales work - so you can focus on having meaningful conversations with only qualified clients that are warm and ready to by.

Utilize the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to simplify sales, closing new clients and even customer service. Our AI does the job of an entire sales team, so you can focus your valuable time where it is needed most.

Unlike other AI's - our Sales Android is built on millions of real customer sales interactions – already speaks the language of your customer and has mastered the art of moving him towards the sale.

AI Client Management

With the AI's extensive knowledge of client behavior, you can build meaningful connections and trust with your clients by engaging only when necessary

You AI will analyze the responses of your prospects and clients to create an automated follow-up strategy, categorize them, and let you know when it’s a the best time to get in touch.

With AI-categorization and an effective follow up system you can trust that no potential lead goes unnoticed or left behind. Making sure you maximize the value your leads and existing clients bring to your business.

Social Media Management

AI has revolutionized the way brands build their presence.

Get the unfair advantage of Speed with the power of AI, fifteen interesting blogs or social media posts can now be written with the same time and effort as it used to take a decent copywriter to write only one.

Fail to take advantage of AI for SEO and find yourself relegated to second place in Google--which is often said to be the best place to hide a body.

Our AI system will help you stand out from the crowd. Now you can post interesting and relevant content daily on you sosial media platforms easier and faster than ever.

Automated posts with graphics, text, and other engaging content in bulk, so you can keep your feed looking fresh and vibrant. Be the talk of the town by pushing out regular, interesting content – you could be the coolest on the block!

Trust and Resputation Management

It's estimated that bad reputation cost US businesses over $500 billion a year

Reputation is essentially how other people view your company before ever engaging with you or anyone else. In an era where anyone can make their opinion known on the internet, it is vital for companies to pay close attention to reputation and trust management.

The most important thing is still the quality of work and service. But the companies with the highest quantity and quality of reviews are also the companies that are constantly influencing their happy customers to post reviews.

It's not necessary the company with the most satisfied clients that has the best reputation, the the company that is best at getting their happiest clients to post reviews and testimonials.

Our AI chatbot is and unfair review generating machine, expertly trained to ask clients about their experience in a friendly and no-pressure way. When either prompting them to post a review themselves or getting permission to use their email to automatically post it for them - on Google/Facebook review sites.

The Android helps generate excellent reviews and also preempts bad reviews, as it catches disgruntled clients and learns the problem before they post it on the web.

Together with our clients and partner Agency our sales android has been rigorously tested with countless conversations - and has mastered the language that makes people want to sign up and buy



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